A Sunshine Coast Roadtrip

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Sunshine Coast

I’m excited – I’m taking my first trip since landing here in Oz in a gorgeous place — the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We have a long weekend (Labour Day takes place a month later in Australia vs. the US) this upcoming weekend, so I want to preface any blogging silence with this post detailing the agenda (and because I’m giddy with anticipation and I need an outlet).

I’ve dubbed the trip:

The Awesome Superfast Sunshine Coast Roadtrip

Here’s our itinerary:


  • Fly Sydney → Brisbane, arrive around 8 a.m.
  • Meet up with my travel companion, grab a car, and drive straight up to Noosa to meet up with my cousin Kelly who just landed here in Australia last week!
    • She’s spending the year in Melbourne as a nanny. Apparently I’m a trendsetter, as I have another cousin coming here to study abroad in January too! I love how clannish my family is – it’s an unspoken rule: if one family member goes, a couple others follow (just to make sure none of us get lost anywhere). When my parents picked up and moved from Philadelphia to California in their mid-twenties, it wasn’t much later that two of their siblings also packed up their families and became West Coasters too. Anyway, I digress.
  • Spend the rest of the day and the night checking out Noosa: beaches, bars, shops, etc. We’re staying at the Noosa Heads Motel which seems pretty nice and is centrally located.


  • Hop in the car first thing in the morning and drive the coastal roads to Ballina, which is just south of a really popular spot for Sydney-siders called Byron Bay.
  • We plan on making stops all along the way, and probably trying to snorkel at Julian Rocks (I need to get certified to dive!), which is supposed to be AWESOME.
  • We’re staying at the Ballina Beach Resort that evening, which looks delightful (and right on the beach).


  • Head back North to Brisbane so Kelly can get to work on Monday, but will stop and see the glowworms at the caves at Springbrook National Park.
  • We’ll get Kelly on a bus back to Noosa Heads so she can attend to her children, then will crash out at Diana Plaza Hotel (probably after a few good drinks for all our driving).


  • Frolick with Australian wildlife (might finally get that koala picture my friends have been hassling me about).
  • We’ll finish up by exploring Brisbane for a day, probably by boat tour before we have to get to the airport and fly home Monday night to prep for the week ahead.

So if you don’t hear from me for a while, don’t worry! I’ll try to post from the road because nothing beats capturing an experience accurately like chronicling it as it’s happening, but I make no promises. I do promise posts next week with lots of photos and (hopefully humorous) anecdotes about the trip.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this deep and very inspiring quote from one of my favorite Lost Generation authors, and the original American Expatriates:

Sunshine Coast Trip


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