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Exciting News! Guest Blogging for Be My Travel Muse

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Guest Blogging

I’m super excited to announce that I’m guest blogging for one of my favorite travel blogs: Be My Travel Muse!

I’ve been following Kristin’s travels since 2014, when I first started to think about giving up the expat life in favor of the traveler life. I loved her heartfelt, honest examination of the pros and cons of the lifestyle I was considering. Because of Kristin, I checked out Pai, Thailand and Otres Beach, Cambodia while I was traveling Southeast Asia and I adored them both. Without the guidance on her site, I probably would have skipped these places and stuck to better-known towns. So glad I didn’t!

When Kristin made an announcement on her site that she was looking for a guest blogger to write about food and travel, my heart leapt into my throat. I had just defined exactly where I wanted to take Jetsetter Jenn, and it was exactly what Kristin was looking for on her own site. A blend of exotic destinations, experiencing new flavors, and taking those flavors home with you. I pitched her immediately, and was thrilled when she agreed to have me come onboard.

Guest Blogging
Thanks Kristin!

What Can You Expect from my Guest Blogging?

The Content

To start, I’ve written some food guides to Southeast Asian countries. I’ll take on a new country each month, explaining the dishes to try and providing a recipe to recreate a dish yourself. Writing these was so much fun! Hopefully you’ll love the recommendations I make and they inspire you to branch out on your next trip.

Kristin and I are brainstorming ideas for other fun things, like how to cook in a hostel kitchen or fun ways to expand your culinary skills while traveling long-term. We’re still figuring out the next few posts, but I can promise they’ll be interesting! In the meantime, you can enjoy the country food guides throughout the summer.

The Schedule

Kristin will be publishing a new food post on the first Friday of each month. I’ll do my best to share on my social networks when a new post goes up, but keep an eye out for the posts in case I’m off the grid and can’t let you know when that happens. She’ll likely be posting on her Facebook when new posts go up, so give her page a like!

Guest Blogging
Let’s do this…

If You’re a BMTM Reader and Are New Here…

Welcome! I’m so happy to have you and thank you for checking out my site. You can find out more about me here, or read the abbreviated version below.

This site is part travel blog, part food blog. I use this space to fuse my love of travel and my love of food into a useful resource for anyone who loves those things too. Most of the content you’ll find here is practical advice for visiting the places I’ve traveled, food guides to foreign countries, recipes for dishes to make based on my travels, and random philosophical ramblings sprinkled in here and there.

I post a travel-related post on Tuesdays and food-related post on Fridays. I call these installments Travel Tuesday and Foodie Friday, and it keeps me honest about keeping the content on here fresh. Every so often, I might try to slip in a Wine Wednesday, but I don’t want to over-commit myself!

I’d love to hear from you! If you find something you like reading and want more, if you hate one of my recipes and think I’m the worst cook alive, please let me know by commenting or emailing me.


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